Set Up Your Building Properly With an Expert Water Meter Installation

When your new property is under construction, a professional water meter installation is an important detail. Tennants consider water meters the fairest way to be charged for water. Water Worx can execute expert results that ensure water readings will be accurate. They also serve to detect leaks and help control water usage costs.

Call the Experts For Water Meter Installation

Get this crucial piece of your new construction all set up with the aid of our friendly professionals.


If all of your indoor plumbing is set up and you have obtained city permits, you’re ready for the water meter installation along with a backflow preventer installation.

What Our Water Meters Will Do For You

We provide only the highest quality work. With your new water meter, you can expect:

  • A potential increase in property values.

  • The best value for customers.

  • Resource conservation through effective water management.

  • Detection of leaks and water emergencies.

There is both above-ground and below-ground work for us to attach for your new water meter. And although the job involves digging up part of the property, we’ll leave your space even cleaner than how we found it.

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Our clients are family. We treat them with respect and hold onto our values of integrity, reliability, passion, accountability and professionalism. When you work with us, we’ll never falter from our company mission of exceeding your expectations. Our vision is to build a quality partnership, and it all starts with a phone call to one of our friendly, local experts.

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