Before Any More Flooding Occurs, Call Us For Emergency Repair

We tend not to really take note of or appreciate sewer, storm or water mains when they are working properly. But when their function goes sour, it can ruin your entire day. If water or sewage is quickly rushing out in the yard or middle of the street, the expert underground utility contractors at Water Worx are here to assist you with our swift, courteous service.

Contact Us For a Professional Emergency Repair

If you have an underground water utility issue that just can’t wait, get in touch with us for an immediate resolution.


We Have the Technical Expertise to Tackle Any Situation

You can rely on us to handle:

  • Water Main Breaks

  • Sewer Main Breaks

  • Storm Main Breaks

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Everything We Do Honors Our Customer Commitment

Expertise, licensing and certification are important, but Water Worx knows how important it is to do the right thing for the community. We stick by our company values:

  • Integrity

  • Reliability

  • Passion

  • Accountability

  • Professionalism

We can repair all pipe materials with no problem.

The water, sewage and storm systems have a complex infrastructure. Our training equips us to locate issues fast and provide lasting solutions. Along with our professional licensing, we understand the different regulations and constructions in our entire service area in and around the Triangle.

Afterwards, we take care of the cleanup–completely. Restoring the peace in the area we work on is part of our service.

Get Service From a Trusted Contractor

There are many reasons building developers, contractors and managers choose Water Worx. They include our professional qualifications:

  • Water & Sewer Licensing

  • Plumbing Licensing

  • Backflow Certified Plumber

And importantly, we also stick by our company values:

  • Integrity – Our good reputation is important to us.

  • Reliability – We build trust on every job.

  • Passion – We love providing for our NC family.

  • Accountability – We own both decisions and results.

  • Professionalism – We’re competent in our field.

Call us now at (919) 917-7579 for a speedy, professional emergency repair with quality customer service.