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Become a Member of the Water Worx Team!

Are you looking for a position in a leading utility construction company that is both challenging and rewarding? If so, you may want to consider applying to work at Water Worx Services. Our company strives to be the best in our field, which means we seek to employ the best technicians around. We offer an environment that is like a family in many ways, working as a team to tackle complicated issues and solve complex problems for businesses in our area. 

Our available positions are listed below. Please submit through the form at the bottom of the listing, and we will be in touch with your about your application.  Thank you for your interest in working with us!


Operate construction equipment such as excavation, trenching, loading, lifting, earth moving, and compaction.

Understand basic knowledge of underground utility systems such as water, sewer and storm.

Respond to emergency calls as qualified.

Assist in installation of underground piping and make connections utilizing different types of materials.

Train and instruct others.

Protect excavation site (shoring, sloping, and soil analysis).

Obtain and maintain a Backflow Tester Certification.

Knowledge of record keeping requirements such as timekeeping system, backflow results, work orders and equipment check sheets.

Have a working knowledge of national and local standards and codes and other pertinent regulatory requirements as they relate to Underground Utility Construction Crewman responsibilities.

Knowledge and understanding of trench safety, confined space entry and OSHA regulations.

Pay $15-$21




Brief Description of the Job

Operates combination sewer cleaning truck for the preventative maintenance of wastewater systems. Assists construction crews to identify utilities or to excavate in difficult areas. Reviews and schedules preventative maintenance including pre-planning for traffic control situations as well as easement issues. Responds to wastewater and storm emergencies as required. Operates additional equipment for the Public Works after-hour on-call program and during inclement weather (snow and ice).


Essential Functions

Clean and Maintain Wastewater Systems (70%): Operate combination (jetting and vacuuming) sewer cleaning truck to perform hydro excavation, root cutting, tap cutting, etc. in order to assist in the preventative maintenance of sewer and drainage systems. Maintain and clean wastewater lines by performing both preventative maintenance and emergency cleaning of the main lines. Operate and maintain tap cutters, root saws, and high-pressure cleaning nozzles. Operate grease treatment system to perform preventative maintenance and emergency grease removal from wastewater lines. Wash down and vacuum manholes and lift stations. Update preventative maintenance records and attend meetings/training as required.

Assist Construction Crews (10%): Perform hydro-excavating for construction crews when repairs are in close proximity of other utilities. Locate damaged areas in the wastewater collection system and bypass the wastewater mains/lift stations under emergency conditions for maintenance crews to make necessary repairs. Following repairs, flush line to remove any construction debris from the line. Flush manholes prior to rehab to clean walls.

Clean Wastewater Spills (10%): Evaluate spill areas to determine necessary containment methods. Place containment devices in designated areas to control spill. Rake, vacuum, and remove solid contaminants. Spread lime for odor control and to neutralize wastewater contaminants. Document required follow up actions. Create work management reports describing location, initial action, and clean up action.

Support Inclement Weather & Emergency Response Operations (10%): Participate in after-hours on-call duty requiring working outside of regular schedule and during holidays. Work throughout inclement weather conditions (i.e. snow/ice and flooding), to clear and maintain roads and walkways. Operate sanders, loaders, snowplows, and other necessary equipment in performance of inclement weather operations. Apply salt for ice removal and treat bridges, roads, and walkways as necessary. Wash brine and salt off equipment after use. Perform emergency cleaning of storm water lines and remove blockages in sewer pipes as required.

Perform other duties as assigned.


Job Requirements

Formal Education: High school diploma or GED required.

Experience: Over two years of experience in a public works, utility or construction field is required.

Driver’s License Required: Must have or obtain a North Carolina Class B Commercial Learner’s Permit (CLP) within three (3) weeks of hire. Must have or obtain a North Carolina Class B CDL with tanker endorsement and air brake provision within three (3) months of hire.

Certifications and Other Requirements: To be obtained within six (6) months of employment: Confined Space Certification, Competent Person Safety Certification, and Traffic Control Training.

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities

Knowledge: Work requires a comprehensive practical knowledge of a technical field with use of analytical judgment and decision-making. Must be able to exercise independent thinking and the ability to conceptualize an develop new or improve procedures, techniques or ideas appropriate to the work environment. Work product primarily affects processes and program/functional areas within the department.

Reading: Basic Level. Ability to read basic communication using common two or three syllable words.

Math: Basic Level: Ability to perform the four basic arithmetic operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).

Writing: Basic Level: Ability to write simple sentences containing subject, verb, and object, and/or series of numbers, names, and addresses.

Machines, Tools, Equipment, and Work Aids: Wastewater main line camera, back up camera, combo truck (cleaning and vacuuming) extend a hose (easement machine), dump trucks, sanders, plows, loader, skid steer, forklift, sewage machine, smoke machine, chain saw, telephone, calculator, copies, and gas free equipment. Computer, work management software, Arc reader, and related software.

Working Conditions

Primary Work Location: Outdoors

Environmental/Health and Safety Factors: Frequent exposure to unpleasant environmental conditions and/or hazards. Majority of work performed outside or with exposure to risk. Daily exposure to extreme temperature, respiratory hazards, noise and vibration, and physical hazards. Monthly exposure to wetness and/or humidity. Constant exposure to mechanical hazards. Frequent exposure to communicable diseases. Rare exposure to chemical hazards, electrical hazards, and fire hazards.

Protective Equipment Required: Safety glasses, gloves, hard hat, steel-toed boots, hearing protection, rubber and leather gloves, protective coveralls, safety vest, waders, and life jackets.

Physical Demands

Continuously requires standing, walking, vision, bending, hearing, and twisting. Frequently requires fine dexterity, reaching, pushing/pulling, foot controls, and talking. Occasionally requires lifting, carrying, sitting, handling, kneeling, climbing, balancing, and crouching. Heavy strength demands include exerting 50-100 pounds occasionally, 25-50 pounds frequently, or from 10 up to 20 pounds constantly.

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $23.00 - $28.00 per hour