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Storm Drain Services

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Storm Drain Cleaning FAQs

Who is responsible for cleaning out storm drains?

The property owner is responsible for cleaning out the storm drain at their location. Water Worx provides professional maintenance and cleaning services guaranteed to keep your drains flowing free and your property protected. Contact us now to learn more or to schedule a cleaning appointment.

How often should storm drains be cleaned?

Storm drains should be cleaned about once a year. The catch basins can become clogged with leaves, dirt and other debris, leaving the property vulnerable to water damage from storms. Regular maintenance will ensure that water flows where you want it to during our large impromptu North Carolina storms.
Water Worx Services offers professional storm drain cleaning services at competitive rates. When you need storm drain services, contact us today!

How much does it cost to clean out a sewer line?

On average you can expect to pay between $175 - $450 to have a sewer line cleaned. Two methods typically used are:

  • Rodding or snaking uses a line with an auger that breaks up clogs.

For a more accurate quote on services, Water Worx is happy to answer any questions. Contact us today! 

How do I find my storm drain?

To find your storm drain, you can: 

  • Use an electromagnetic cable locator.
  • Use a storm drain locator map. 
  • Contact your city for a map of the plumbing infrastructure. 

If you do not have success locating your storm drain on your own, there are many local resources that can assist you in locating your storm drain. To learn more about your storm drain, contact us today

Does storm drain water get cleaned?

No, storm drain water does not get cleaned. When water flows into a storm drain, it is immediately directed to rivers, lakes and ponds. That is why it is important to keep storm drains free of debris and other pollutants. The best way to ensure that the water that enters local bodies of water is not contaminated is to make sure that the storm drain does not have leaves, oil or pesticides that enter it. To find out more about keeping your storm drains water clean, call us today

How do you fix or repair a clogged storm drain?

The method required to unclog your storm drain will vary depending on the severity of your storm drain’s clog. In the past, clogs required excavation to access the clogged part of the drain. With new high pressure water jetting methods, tree roots, dirt and silt can be easily removed without invasive excavation methods. To learn more about getting your storm drain cleared, give us a call today

Why is my storm drain backing up?

Your storm drain may be backing up because of excess debris, such as leaves building up inside of it. If your storm drain backs up during a storm, that could be a sign that you have a clog in your storm drain or that a clog is beginning to form. Getting your storm drain cleaned regularly is the best way to prevent expensive and inconvenient clogs. You should also regularly clear the area surrounding your storm drain to prevent leaves and other debris from entering it. To get your storm drain cleaned, contact us today

How do you clean a clogged storm drain?

To clean a clogged storm drain you can either use a high pressure hose or a plumbing snake to remove the clog. To test whether or not the clog has been removed, you should try pouring water down the storm drain. While attempting to clean a clogged storm drain, it is important that you do not allow any debris you have removed to fall back into the storm drain. 

Regular maintenance of the area around your storm drain is key to preventing it from becoming clogged. If you do not have the correct tools or are unable to get your storm drain unclogged, you should call a utility service company to remove the clog. To get your storm drain cleared, call us today

Custom Maintenance Plans

Water Worx Services offers custom maintenance plans for backflow prevention and fire hydrants that include annual testing and general maintenance. We also offer a maintenance plan for storm drains that includes a thorough cleaning and flushing of your systems.

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Excess storm water is bad news for your property, often causing:

  • Flooding
  • Erosion
  • Contaminated Water

When it pours down in the Triangle and surrounding area, your storm drainage system can get pretty taxed. You will need proper installation and professional maintenance to keep up. We can set up a preventative maintenance plan to keep your drains moving. That’s what Water Worx is here for.