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Jet/Vac Drain Cleaning

Get Your Lines Cleared With the Most Efficient Methods

Don’t let hurricane season sneak up on you. Preparation for heavy hurricane rain starts by making sure your storm drains are cleaned out and maintained.

Jet/vac cleaning is the leading method for efficient, fast, economical and environmentally friendly drain cleaning. Our heavy-duty jet/vac trucks are equipped with state of the art technology to eliminate blockages and maintain a clear pipe.

Water Worx is ready to help any business big or small in Raleigh and the surrounding areas.

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Jet Vac Cleaning FAQs

Why is it important to keep storm drains clean?

By directing rainwater from our parking lots and streets into a natural body of water, storm drains work to reduce flooding. However, clogged or improperly used storm drains deliver unwanted pollution to streams, rivers, and other waterways.

What are jet vac services?

Jet vac services utilize technology that has both water jet and vacuum suctioning abilities to clear pipes and basins, as well as cut roots. Jet vac services are a great way to keep up with yearly maintenance and to have your drains cleaned before severe weather seasons. With the suctioning and jetting power of jet vac methods, it provides a great solution to any drainage system that is difficult to clean. To learn more about getting jet vac services, contact us today.

How do you keep debris out of a storm drain?

To keep debris out of a storm drain, you should: 

  • Refrain from putting leaves or grass clippings where they will flow into storm drains. 
  • Remove leaves and debris from storm drains. 
  • Keep the area around the storm drain clear and unobstructed.

Inevitably, debris and leaves will occasionally make their way into your storm drain. However, if you do your best to limit your contribution to the issue as well as clear out leaves and debris when you see them, you will greatly reduce the amount of debris in your storm drain. To find out more about getting your storm drain cleared, call us today.

Who cleans storm drains?

The Public Works Department, plumbers and water drainage contractors clean storm drains. Storm drains that are along city streets are maintained by the Public Works Department, whereas storm drains that are on residential streets are the responsibility of the Homeowners Association or property owners. When it comes to storm drain maintenance, it is important to have it regularly done to ensure that storm drains do not become full of leaves and debris. To learn more about getting your storm drain cleaned, give us a call today

How often should storm drains be cleaned?

A storm drain should be cleaned at least once a year. The water that enters a storm drain follows a system that brings it straight to lakes and bodies of water without filtration, making regular maintenance important. Not only does regular maintenance prevent storm drains from clogging, it also reduces any pollutants that would be released into lakes and rivers from the storm drainage system. To learn more about getting your storm drain cleaned, call us today.

Are jet vac services safe for pipes and equipment?

Jet vac services are generally safe for pipes and equipment when performed by trained professionals. The high-pressure water jetting used in these services is designed to effectively remove debris and blockages without causing damage to most types of pipes. However, improper use or excessive pressure can potentially cause harm, so it's essential to hire a reputable provider with experience in jet vac services. Additionally, pre-inspection of pipes can help identify any vulnerabilities and mitigate the risk of damage.

We Have the Solution in a Variety of Scenarios

Our jet/vac Services Include:

  • Large Diameter Pipe 8” – 36”
  • Storm Drain Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Sewer Cleaning and Jetting
  • Catch Basins
  • Culvert Cleaning
  • Root Cutting
  • Manhole Cleaning
  • Emergency Flooding Clean Up

We keep your property clean and guarantee no damage.

Custom Maintenance Plans

Water Worx Services offers custom maintenance plans for backflow prevention and fire hydrants that include annual testing and general maintenance. We also offer a maintenance plan for storm drains that includes a thorough cleaning and flushing of your systems.

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