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Utility Services

Utility Services From a Licensed Water and Sewer Contractor


Water Worx Services works to meet every city requirement in each of our service areas in order to provide professional services to building developers and contractors. But our professionalism isn’t the only thing we have to offer. We’re also known for our focus on customer service, no matter what we’re providing.

We’re here for those big projects you need completed no matter what the size of your establishment. And you can be assured you’ll be cared for along the way.

Custom Maintenance Plans

Water Worx Services offers custom maintenance plans for backflow prevention and fire hydrants that include annual testing and general maintenance. We also offer a maintenance plan for storm drains that includes a thorough cleaning and flushing of your systems.

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How do I keep water from pooling in my yard?

To keep water from pooling in your yard, you can implement the following solutions: 

  • Re-grade your home’s landscaping.
  • Create a drain or a trench. 
  • Add organic material to your soil. 

Water may be pooling in your yard for a variety of reasons, some of which can be solved more easily than others. If you are experiencing issues with water pooling in your yard, you should consider contacting a contractor for advice on the best solution for your yard. To learn more about how we can help keep water from pooling in your yard, call us today

Why is water pooling in my backyard?

Water may be pooling your backyard because: 

  • Your soil is compact and does not drain well.
  • The grading of your terrain is not effective. 
  • Your backyard is not aerated regularly.

Water will generally pool in your backyard due to some kind of drainage issue. The cause of your drainage issue can vary and can require a variety of solutions. To learn more about why water is pooling in your backyard, contact us today

How do I certify my backflow preventer?

To certify your backflow preventer you can have a licensed utility contractor perform an inspection and test of your backflow preventer on a regular basis. Ensuring that your backflow preventer is working properly is integral to the safety of your home and your health. A faulty backflow preventer can result in contamination of your water supply. At Water Worx Services, we can certify your backflow preventer and handle the paperwork for you. To get your backflow preventer certified, call us today

We Promise Superior Quality With Any Service

We don’t just want to provide a service for you and leave. We would rather build a quality relationship. Not only do we complete the job in a timely manner, but we also leave your area clean and leave you with a lasting image of superior customer service and professional integrity.

Our services include:

  • Utility Construction - We’re the ones to call if your new construction building needs a water utility hookup for the first time.
  • Backflow Prevention - Keep compliant with water contamination prevention. We’ll make sure your backflow certification is up to date.
  • Storm Drains - Secure your property through the toughest storms with a storm drain installation or cleaning.
  • Fire Hydrant Replacement - If you need a fire hydrant replacement or any work done to your fire hydrant to get it in optimal condition, you can count on Water Worx.
  • Jet/Vac Drain Cleaning - For professional jet/vac cleaning for pipes, drains, sewers and catch basins, Water Worx delivers. 

We can also accomplish regular maintenance, including maintenance pertaining to backflow certifications.

Have an Emergency?

Even the best-maintained utility systems have emergencies sometimes. If water is pooling up or flooding in your property, call us immediately at 919-917-7579.