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Chapel Hill NC Water Utility Contractor

When Chapel Hill, NC and the surrounding area needs a sewer or water utility contractor, Water Worx Services is at the top of their list!

Do I really need a backflow preventer for my business in Chapel Hill?

Backflow prevention is an important aspect of plumbing that is frequently overlooked. Water can flow in either direction without a backflow preventer, posing a significant risk of contamination. To help protect the public water supply, the Chapel Hill Department of Health requires all water systems to implement and maintain a water backflow prevention program.

How much does hydrovac excavation service cost near Chapel Hill?

The honest answer is that it varies greatly. The cost of hydro excavation is determined by a variety of factors, including waste disposal needs, ground conditions, asset placement and labor costs. Prices are generally established on an hourly basis, with a minimum call out time. Prices for a small hydro vacuum vehicle with one operator start at about $125 per hour.

A hydrovac business that charges economy rates is not necessarily cost-effective. You should always be careful of abnormally inexpensive quotes, since they frequently indicate poor service quality. You definitely don't want to choose the most costly business either, so it's typically better to seek for providers that price somewhere in the middle.

Water Worx provides expert hydrovac excavation service near Chapel Hill at reasonable prices. Schedule today.

How often should a backflow preventer be tested near Chapel Hill?

The majority of backflow assemblies consist of a check valve or valves, a set of springs and, on rare occasions, a relief valve. Each of these mechanical internal components must be inspected and serviced on a yearly basis. During a backflow test, the assembly is pressured and each component is separated to confirm that it is working at an appropriate level. To pass the inspection, the check valves must maintain a minimum pressure and the relief valves must open before a specific pressure differential is achieved. If the minimal criteria are not fulfilled, repairs must be made.

Water Worx provides expert backflow testing near Chapel Hill at reasonable prices. Schedule today.

Where should a water meter be installed for my Chapel Hill business?

Normally meters are installed in the front yard or near the curbside or walkway adjacent to your business, but others may be in your side yard or even your backyard. The meter "box" will have a metal or plastic cover with the words "Water" or "Water Meter" on it. To remove the lid, pry carefully from the edge of the box with a long metal screwdriver. Wearing gloves is a smart approach for further safety from lids that may be hot or boxes that have become natural habitats for insects, reptiles or other critters. You can also rely on a utility specialist to check your meter, if you prefer.

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Brian T.

Brian T.

Residential Water Connection Service: A residential client seeking skilled utility service professionals reached out to us for the connection of their home to the city water supply. After a thorough assessment of their existing well water system, we acquired the necessary permits and conducted trenching work to lay the new water line. Installing the required devices, removing redundant well components, and providing detailed instructions on operating the new city water system, our team conducted tests and inspections for a seamless transition, ensuring compliance with regulations and complete client satisfaction.

Near Tadley Dr, Chapel Hill, NC 27514
Brian T.

Brian T.

Backflow not working properly. Repair backflow for commercial customer. Backflow unit now working as intended.

Near Formosa Ln, Chapel Hill, NC 27517
Mathew S.

Mathew S.

Utility contractor repair service. Install new water meter service and back-flow prevention for commercial business near UNC.

Near Chapel Hill, NC 27515