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Hydrovac Excavation

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When it comes to areas that are difficult to reach through traditional excavation methods, the hydro-excavation process will ensure all-around safety and efficiency. You will not have to worry about any danger to your infrastructure, facility or personnel. You will be able to safely dig or locate utilities in no-dig zones or areas where there is slot trenching, industrial cleanup, pot-holing or location of underground cables, gas lines, utilities, etc.

Water Worx is here in the Triangle and surrounding areas to provide you with all the services you need for excavating those special-consideration areas.

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What are hydrovacs used for?

A hydrovac is a type of machine that uses high-pressure water to slash and liquefy soil while simultaneously sucking the soil out of the excavation with a high-volume vacuum. The truck-mounted unit typically contains both fresh water and excavation soil.

What are hydrovac excavation services?

Hydrovac excavation services allow you to remove dirt from an area without damaging root systems or underground pipeline systems. These services are typically utilized if you are trying to perform a repair or maintenance on underground pipelines. Additionally, they allow you to inspect utility lines and other underground infrastructures to measure their depth as well as ensure they are not damaged. To learn more about getting hydrovac excavation services, contact us today.

What does a hydrovac do?

A hydrovac uses a combination of pressurized water and vacuum suctioning to soften, loosen and dislodge dirt. This technology is commonly used to gain access to underground infrastructure or to create trenches. It is a method designed to protect operators as well as to protect any root systems or underground pipelines from becoming damaged in the process of gaining access to them. To learn more about hydrovac technology, give us a call today.

How deep can you hydrovac?

A hydrovac has enough force to excavate up to 60-70 feet deep and around 600 feet from the location of the hydrovac truck. Hydrovac technology is a great alternative to traditional excavation methods because it poses less of a safety risk to the operators and the underground infrastructure. Additionally, hydrovac technology is powerful and can even work on clay and frozen ground. To get hydrovac excavation services, call Water Worx Services today

What are the benefits of hydro excavation?

First, hydro excavation is more precise. Traditional excavation is clearing a channel in the ground using heavy gear, such as backhoes or hand digging. These approaches are frequently imprecise, resulting in a worse mess than expected. Hydro excavation removes soil using pressured water and a specialized vacuum, making it easier to operate. Hydro excavation opens the door to a plethora of new digging uses, particularly in tighter spaces. 

Hydro excavation is also significantly less dangerous than ordinary excavation. Backhoes, shovels and diggers are all risky instruments for construction teams to use. Even the most seasoned worker might be injured by unreliable machinery or strain oneself physically excavating the ground. Only water and an air vacuum are used in hydro excavation, both of which are quite safe. On a hydro excavation project, the odds of being harmed or having a safety problem are substantially smaller than on a regular excavation job.

How much can a hydrovac hold?

Hydrovac trucks are available in a variety of sizes, with water tanks of varying capacities and other components in a variety of sizes. The most popular hydrovac vehicle has tanks that can carry roughly 1550 gallons of water, while smaller trucks with tanks that can contain around 500 gallons are also available. In terms of hose length, the biggest trucks can stretch their arms up to 600 feet, implying that the truck can dig efficiently while standing at that distance from the excavation area. Trucks are also equipped with nozzles of various sizes and diameters, which allow the operator to fine-tune the digging operation.

How fast is hydro excavation?

It depends greatly on how big of a job you have to do. However, you'll generally need 3-5 hours of hydro dig time for most jobs.

What are Hydrovac Excavation Services?

The hydrovac process breaks up the soil through pressurized water or air while also using a vacuum to remove the soil and debris. It’s very safe and non-destructive.

Our Services

Water Worx can help you with:

  • Excavation in Tight Spaces – We can get to the most hard-to-reach areas.
  • Debris Removal – We won’t leave a mess at the excavation site.
  • Potholing/Daylighting – We can dig test holes to expose the location of underground utilities
  • Trenching – We can clear a path for pipelines and other utilities.

Custom Maintenance Plans

Water Worx Services offers custom maintenance plans for backflow prevention and fire hydrants that include annual testing and general maintenance. We also offer a maintenance plan for storm drains that includes a thorough cleaning and flushing of your systems.

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