Expert Fire Hydrant Services

If your annual fire hydrant inspection revealed any problems, Water Worx is here to be your trusted utility contractor. We can handle any level of severity, from light maintenance to a total replacement. We’ll have you compliant with regulations and prepared for public safety in no time.

Get the Fire Hydrant Services You Need

We can provide professional service in the Triangle and surrounding area, and we’ll treat you like family.


Trust Water Worx for everything you need regarding backflow testing, installation and certification.

We Follow Every Legal Guideline

Water Worx follows every decree from the city utilities department in charge of your region. Our plumbers are authorized to make installations, repairs and replacements as well as perform annual testing. We can provide you with a certification that you won’t have to worry about until your next annual inspection. And since we’re an established company, we’ll be here next year when you need us.

We’re also here for your water and sewer utility needs, such as retention ponds, water mains, sewer mains and storm drains.

Fire Hydrant Repairs and Replacements

Our most common repairs fall into five different categories:

  • Lowering/Raising – The right height is important when it comes to fire hydrants. Sometimes it can shift to an improper height if any work was done nearby such as road widening or landscaping.

  • Fixing Leaks – We’ll quickly eliminate water loss with a fast leak location and repair.

  • Repainting – Public hydrants are to be painted yellow in the Wake County area, while private ones are to be painted red.

  • Replacing Worn Parts – We carry every part of the hydrant assembly the job may require.

  • Full Replacement – We can connect a new, reliable hydrant to your fire main.

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Choose the Professionals You Can Trust

Water Worx demonstrates our consideration and appreciation for our clients through several values:

  • Professionalism

  • Integrity

  • Passion

  • Accountability

  • Reliability

We hold all of the professional licensing necessary along with membership/certification with:

  • Better Business Bureau

  • National Utility Contractors Association

  • Plumbing Heating Cooling Contractors

To put your fire utility connection in the hands of a utility contractor you can rely on, call us at (919) 917-7579.