We Professionally Design, Construct and Maintain Retention Ponds

Be Prepared For Any Storm With a Retention Pond

The construction of a retention pond will prevent your property from being damaged down the road. We look forward to working with you!


Retention ponds, or stormwater ponds, are necessary in hardscape areas that your property and the surrounding area may have. They will also minimize erosion. If you avoid their construction, you risk major flooding from runoff when all of the cement and asphalt areas block rainwater from absorbing into the ground. Not to mention, these ponds are now required in many municipalities.

Water Worx is here to execute the design and construction of a retention pond for your property and protect it. If you already have a retention pond and it is not functioning as it should, we can help you there, too.

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We Assess Your Individual Needs

The construction of a retention pond should take certain considerations into account so that the pond functions properly. It should be able to handle the heavy rainfall this area gets from time to time while blending into the aesthetics and not causing an eyesore.

Water Worx can accomplish this for you, while making sure the construction accomplishes these goals:

  • Simply Designed & Constructed

  • Prevents Property Damage

  • Processes Water Naturally

  • Adds to Local Habitats

Depend on Us for Maintenance

Expertise, licensing and certification are important, but Water Worx knows how important it is to do the right thing for the community. We stick by our company values:

  • Identify and repair any bank erosion.
  • Remove debris and sediment.

Enjoy the Benefits of Professional Retention Pond Services

It’s always safer to work with a licensed company like Water Worx. We’re not only technically skilled but also dedicated to your experience as a customer.

For a professionally designed and constructed retention pond, call us at (919) 917-7579.