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Durham NC Water Utility Contractor

When Durham, NC and the surrounding area needs a sewer or water utility contractor, Water Worx Services is at the top of their list!

See what Durham, NC has to say about us as a sewer and water utility contractor in our pleased reviews.

How much does it cost to connect water service to a new home build?

On average water and sewer connections can cost anywhere between $1,000 - $3,000 for a newly constructed home in the Durham NC area. A few factors will impact the final price:

  • How deep the lines need to be buried.
  • If there are any obstructions, like existing concrete or large trees.
  • What permits are needed and their costs. 

For more information Water Worx is happy to help! Contact us today and one of our experienced technicians will answer all of your questions on water and sewer connections. 

Who should I call to clean out a storm drain?

To have a storm drain clean out service, you should contact a professional plumber with experience working with drains in case there is a problem with yours. An experienced plumber will be able to inspect the pipe for leaks, blockages or other damage. They can also locate problems early on so that minor repairs don’t turn into major fixes down the line. 

Water Worx Services offers professional reliable storm drain services. Our highly trained team members have years of experience working with storm drains and will be able to quickly and effectively clean out your drain while also conducting a thorough inspection. Contact us today for more information or to schedule a service! 

What is hydro excavation?

Hydro excavation is the process of removing dirt and soil with the use of highly pressurized water and powerful vacuum suctioning technology. Hydro excavation is a safer way to gain access to underground infrastructure because it does not damage pipes or root systems. It is also a very effective method to build trenches and ditches, as well as go as deep as 60 feet to reach underground pipes for maintenance and repairs. To find out more about hydro excavation, contact us today.

How do you solve water drainage problems near Durham?

Most drainage issues are caused by an insufficient pitch or slope in your yard, which prevents water runoff from being channeled away from the home. A slope of 3% or greater is usually necessary to avoid drainage issues. It is best to utilize a French drain or catch basins. To move water away, you can also build a low region known as a swale (shallow gully). However, it is usually preferred to have runoff water flow naturally overland rather than using catch basins or French drains, which frequently choke over time.

Who is responsible for maintaining stormwater management ponds in Durham?

It all boils down to where the pond is located. Cities are liable for any retention ponds located within the public right of way or on town-owned land. Private property runoff is the responsibility of the property owner, property management business, or community Homeowners Association (HOA). So, whether you have a retention pond in your neighborhood, business park, or retail center, your HOA or property management firm must take care of it.

What are Hydrovacs used for in Durham?

A hydrovac is a piece of machinery that utilizes high-pressure water to shear and coagulate soil while concurrently drawing the soil out of the excavation using a high-volume vacuum. The standard truck-mounted unit holds both fresh water and dirt from the excavation.

A hydrovac is commonly used for daylighting (digging to locate underground utilities). Other applications include soil trenching, piling hole excavation, and waste removal. Digging may be tough in cold weather, so using a hydrovac might be beneficial in this situation as well.

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