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Hillsborough NC Water Utility Contractor

When Hillsborough, NC and the surrounding area needs a sewer or water utility contractor, Water Worx Services is at the top of their list!

What is hydro excavation used for?

Hydro excavation is used for hard to reach areas during:

  • Landscaping
  • Trenching
  • Utility Pole Installation
  • Interior Excavation
  • And More

This method is used because it is fast and effective and is as least invasive as possible. First, pressurized water excavates the soil; then, a powerful vacuum is used to remove the sludge.

Have an area you need excavated that requires special consideration for your facility, personnel or infrastructure? Give Waterworx a call to schedule convenient service!

How often do water mains break?

Every year, a water main breaks 21 - 27 times per 100 miles of pipeline. That is a lot!

Factors that influence a water main break include:

  • Old age - Older pipes often have corrosion which makes them more fragile.
  • Temperature shifts - Pipes can crack as they shrink or expand.
  • Dry or wet weather - This can shift the soil and break the pipe.

Waterworx responds fast to water main breaks. Schedule service now!

How do I add utilities to a new building construction for my business?

Take these steps to add utilities to a new building construction for your business:

  1. Water & Sewer - Call either your county’s building department or planning and zoning department. They will provide information on whether the area is serviced by the public system.
  2. Power - Google the power company for that county. Then, call the company and make sure they run lines in front of your property. If they don’t, ask them if there is another company that services that area. If that fails, the county’s building department or planning and zoning department might be of help.

It’s always a good idea to know exactly where you can access utilities before you begin building anything or even buying the lot. However, hindsight is 20/20. There is a lot involved with utility setup, and you can call your local utility plumber to find out more about installation!

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