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Holly Springs NC Water Utility Contractor

Large and small businesses in Holly Springs, NC depend on Water Worx Services to be the sewer and water utility contractor they need for every job.

Check out our Holly Springs, NC to see our sucess stories as a sewer and water contractor for installations, repairs and maintenance and how we can help you next.

How often should backflow prevention be inspected near Holly Springs?

According to current regulations, backflow preventers must be tested every six months by a certified inspector to ensure that they are still functioning properly. If your devices fail, it's a significant issue. Untreated water contains contaminants, chemicals and pathogens that may be exceedingly harmful to people's health. In this case, the owner might be held accountable for the damages.

How do I know if my storm drain is clogged near Holly Springs?

It's possible that you won't notice your storm drain is clogged until there's heavy rain and the drain isn't operating correctly. Storm drains may become clogged by a variety of material, including dirt, mud, twigs and leaves. If a storm drain becomes severely clogged, it may cause a flood on your property. This is why it's critical to examine your drain on a regular basis to avoid future problems.

What are the benefits of hydro excavation near Holly Springs?

Hydro Excavation is the method of digging or excavating dirt without destroying subsurface utilities by utilizing high-pressure water and a vacuum. Here are the top 3 benefits: 

  1. Quicker

Because of the amount of time and work saved by utilizing a more efficient approach, hydro excavation can be a more cost-effective option to digging.

2. Less Risk 

Traditional excavation techniques and equipment, which may include explosives, are labor-intensive. In bigger projects, these approaches include additional risk concerns such as falling debris, cave-ins and even landslides, creating dangerous situations for employees.  In contrast, because hydro excavation emits water through an extension, the employees are kept at a safe distance.

3. Increased Precision

In some cases, local and federal restrictions prohibit the use of classic excavation technologies, particularly in projects involving delicate, pre-existing variables such as subsurface utilities in congested areas. By avoiding backfilling and any additional repairs that are usual with older approaches, hydro excavation helps these projects to remain compliant.

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