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Knightdale NC Water Utility Contractor

When Knightdale, NC and the surrounding area needs a sewer or water utility contractor, Water Worx Services is at the top of their list!


What is hydro excavation service and why would I need it?

A hydro excavation service is the process of removing dirt with highly pressurized water in order to not damage roots, utility lines or other underground systems. You may need hydro excavation services if you want to uncover pipes for maintenance, examine the depth of your utility lines or make ditches or trenches. Getting your ground excavated with the hydro excavation method is a good way to ensure that no damage is done to any existing structures underground. To find out more about getting hydro excavation services, contact us today

How do you install an underground drainage system?

To install an underground drainage system, you will need to: 

  • Identify existing underground drainage runs.
  • Determine a start and end point for your drainage system.
  • Dig a trench for the underground drainage system.
  • Install the drainage system.

The key to installing an underground drainage system is to locate the best spot to direct excess water. When you are planning on installing an underground drainage system, you should be careful to be thorough and meticulous, as a poorly installed system will cause more issues than it will fix. If you are thinking about getting an underground drainage system installed, call us today

How to unclog a storm drain?

To unclog a storm drain, you should try the following: 

  • Rake or sweep leaves, dirt and other debris away from your storm drain. 
  • Use a plumbing snake or a pressurized hose to remove leaves and debris.
  • Call a local plumber or contract service for assistance if you are to unclog it.

Cleaning out your storm drain can be easy if leaves and other debris are not packed too tightly inside your drain. Although, when storm drains are ignored for too long, that is typically an issue you will encounter when trying to clear your drain. To get help unclogging your storm drain, give us a call today.

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Brian T.

Brian T.

Water Line Hookup: Our client needed their water supply to be connected to the existing public water line, and they sought our expertise for this vital task. We specialized in water supply connections and were well-prepared to ensure a seamless hookup. Following a comprehensive evaluation of the client's property and the nearby public water infrastructure, we developed a tailored plan for linking their water supply to the existing public water line. This process involved identifying the appropriate connection points, installing the necessary valves and fittings, and ensuring a secure and compliant connection that adhered to local regulations. With their water supply expertly connected to the existing public water line, our client could now enjoy reliable and convenient access to the municipal water system. They could rest assured that their property's water needs were seamlessly integrated with the broader public water infrastructure, providing them with a dependable source of clean an

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