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Clayton NC Water Utility Contractor

Trust Water Worx To Handle Your Utility Water Services

If you’re in the construction, real estate or other business in Clayton, NC, you should know the name Water Worx to mean exceptionally professional service for commercial business.

From retention ponds to storm drains to sewers, we handle the many aspects with our vast experience and construction knowledge. We deliver the latest technologies so that your systems function correctly and do not require repair.

Custom Maintenance Plans

Water Worx Services offers custom maintenance plans for backflow prevention and fire hydrants that include annual testing and general maintenance. We also offer a maintenance plan for storm drains that includes a thorough cleaning and flushing of your systems.

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Why is my Clayton area storm drain backing up?

Your Clayton, NC storm drain may be backing up because of a clog or a broken pipe. When your storm drain isn't able to transfer water as quickly, it will result in a backup that can lead to flooding of your roads. One of the main ways to prevent your storm drain from backing up is to have it regularly cleaned and maintained. If your storm drain is left unmaintained, it will have clogs and failures often because it will continue to become full of debris. To get your storm drain cleared, contact us today.

Who is responsible for cleaning commercial storm drains in Clayton, NC?

Depending on where the drain is located, it is either the city or the landowner’s responsibility to clean a commercial storm drain in Clayton, NC. Commercial storm drains that are located on city streets will be maintained by the city and commercial storm drains that are not on city streets will need to be maintained and cleaned by the landowner. If you are not sure whether you are responsible for your storm drain, it is good to check. An improperly maintained storm drain can lead to flooding on your property. To learn more about having your commercial storm drain cleaned, call WaterWorx Services today.

How do you keep a stormwater drain from clogging near Clayton, NC?

To keep a stormwater drain from clogging in Clayton, NC you should: 

  • Keep leaves away from areas that will flow into the drain. 
  • Ensure that the area surrounding the drain is clear. 
  • Have your stormwater drain regularly cleaned and maintained. 

Stormwater drains are one of the most overlooked systems because it is assumed that they will always work as they should. Just like any other drainage system, they can become clogged and fail to work properly. To prevent clogs, you should have your stormwater drain regularly cleaned by a utility or drainage services contractor. To get your stormwater drain cleaned, call us today.

What is a hydrovac used for near Clayton, NC?

Hydrovac methods can be used for gaining access to underground infrastructure for the following in Clayton, NC

  • Repairs
  • Maintenance
  • Replacements

Hydrovac excavation is a less destructive alternative to traditional excavation methods. It allows you to gain access without the risk of damaging underground piping. To find out more about our hydrovac services, call us today.  

How long is a backflow certification good for in Clayton, NC?

A backflow certification is good for around one year in Clayton, NC. You should have a backflow preventer tested at least once a year to ensure that it is working as it should. If you get your backflow preventer tested often, you will be assured that it is working correctly. If you do not have a backflow preventer tested often, it may fail and result in contamination of your water supply. To learn more about backflow testing, give us a call today

Who can install a water meter near Clayton, NC?

Utility contractors or your water company can install a water meter in Clayton, NC. Utility contractors are authorized by the water company because they have the correct equipment and utility knowledge to install your water meter. At WaterWorx Services, we have the proper tools and knowledge to evaluate your water system and install a water meter for you. To find out more about getting a water meter installed, contact us today

Clayton’s Experts in Backflow Prevention, Retention Ponds, Storm Drains and More

Our services will allow you to manage and direct the water at your facility to keep it free from contamination and to keep your property free of flooding. Whether it’s new construction or improvements to your current structures, we are the experts.

We feel dedicated to our colleagues and take pride in completing every job to your satisfaction.

Our services include:


  • Hydrovac Excavation - If you need excavation work, our hydro vac process will remove soil using pressurized water and a vacuum. 
  • Jet/Vac  - Clogged sewer lines are a fact of life for commercial property owners. Using pressurized water, we remove any blockages backing up your sewer line. 
  • Fire Hydrant Replacement - Like any utility, fire hydrants fall into disrepair. If you’re looking to replace a fire hydrant or to have repair work performed, you can count on Water Worx.
  • Backflow Prevention - Prevent water contamination and ensure that your backflow certification is up to date.
  • Utility Construction - Need a water hookup for your new construction? We’ve got you covered.
  • Water Meters - We’ll install a water meter on your building and can also do split meter installations for your irrigation needs.
  • Storm Drains - One day of bad weather and you’ll be glad you contacted Water Worx about your storm drain installation or cleaning.

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Brian T.

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Mathew S.

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