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Water Worx Gets the Job Done Right in Smithfield, NC

Water Worx will help you to manage, measure and direct your industrial water to maximize efficiency in your Smithfield, NC business.

Water issues can cause significant damage. If you manage an apartment complex or office park, these issues become the kind of emergencies you need to resolve quickly to keep customer confidence. 

An overloaded retention pond that floods or a storm drain that won’t drain can leave water damage and harmful mold. Those in addition to any sewage issue present possible health issues as well as unsanitary living and working conditions.

Custom Maintenance Plans

Water Worx Services offers custom maintenance plans for backflow prevention and fire hydrants that include annual testing and general maintenance. We also offer a maintenance plan for storm drains that includes a thorough cleaning and flushing of your systems.

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How do you unclog an underground outdoor drainage pipe near Smithfield, NC?

To unclog an underground outdoor drainage pipe in Smithfield, NC you can: 

  • Put gloves on and use your hands to manually remove the obstruction. 
  • Use a plumber’s snake to remove it. 
  • Use a high pressure hose to unclog it.  

Typically you will find clogs in bends of your piping. If you have the option to, you should temporarily remove a part of the pipe to get closer to the bend that the clog might be in. To get your underground outdoor drainage pipe professionally unclogged, contact us today

What are hydrovac services?

Hydrovac services enable you to create trenches or gain access to underground infrastructure. Hydrovac excavation is a process that softens and dislodges dirt with highly pressurized water and vacuum suctioning. It is a great method to utilize when you are worried about damaging existing pipelines or root structures because hydrovac excavation does not damage existing underground infrastructures. To learn more about hydrovac services, or to schedule service, give us a call today.  

Do catch basins need to be cleaned?

Yes. Many property owners make the frequent error of not having their catch basins cleaned until there is an apparent need. Because you are ultimately responsible for any catch basins on your residential, commercial or industrial property, it is vital to keep them in good working order from a financial viewpoint.

A basic rule of thumb is to have your catch basins cleaned at least once a year. That being said, if you own or manage a business that often discharges water and waste into catch basins, you should have them cleaned more often.

What happens when a storm drain is clogged?

When your storm drain is clogged water will not flow down the drain and into the city storm drain system. Instead, a clogged storm drain would cause water to back up into your property, flooding private roads and parking spaces.

What causes storm drains to fail?

Storm drain failure is caused by two main issues: clogged catch basins and specific drain pipe materials failing and filling up the storm drain line.


It is not unusual for catch basins to become clogged with leaves, dirt, twigs and other debris and things that fall down the drain and can clog or fill the pipe. Given that many storm drain basins are not cleaned until there is a problem, this is a pretty typical issue.


Corrugated steel pipes can corrode over time due to microbiological induced corrosion (MIC), which occurs when chemicals inside the pipe system eat away at the metal, causing it to erode and eventually fracture and burst. Concrete pipes do not have these corrosion issues, but owing to the weight of the material, they can nevertheless develop a number of cracks and leaks.

Fixing industrial utilities is no easy task. Water Worx delivers expert service to contractors and business owners. We understand how important it is to be able to get back to work, and we’ll do everything in our power to make your water issues your last concern.

  • Water Meters - We’ll install a water meter on your building and can also do split meter installations for your irrigation needs.
  • Storm Drains - One bought of bad weather and you’ll be glad you contacted Water Worx about your storm drain installation or cleaning.
  • Backflow Prevention - Prevent water contamination and receive your backflow certification is up to date and code.
  • Fire Hydrant Replacement - Like any piece of equipment, fire hydrants fall into disrepair. If you’re looking to replace a fire hydrant or to have repair work performed to make your fire hydrant perform optimally you can count on Water Worx.
  • Utility Construction - Need a new construction water hookup call Water Worx. 
  • Hydrovac Excavation - If you are excavating and want an efficient and earth-friendly approach, hydrovac excavation will use pressurized water to remove soil.
  • Jet/Vac - Our Jet/Vac service uses water to blow through the blockage and remove the blockage from the line.

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